Me and JB 94

We were in Kevin’s car, on our way to Miley’s party. It was at her house, no big thing. Just a few of her close friends. I was just guessing.
“Excited?” asked Nick
“I don’t know,” I said glancing out the window.
“She won’t do anything when I’m around,” said Nick.
“Thanks,”. We pulled up in her driveway to an empty looking house.
“Are you sure this is the right address?” I asked.
“Yeah, I’ve been here,”. We got out of the car and walked up the front stoop. I heard slow music. I guess it was her house. Then, the door flew open. It was Miley.
“Hey!” she said. I grinned.
“Hi!” said Nick.
“Come in, please,”. Miley looked, well, different. Loopy?
“Here’s your present,” I said holding out the envelope.
“Thanks,” she said as her eyes shut. She went to throw it on her kitchen table but she flung it backwards. The, she looked as if she was about to fling backwards.
“Are you okay?” Nick asked. She nodded her head.
“Never better….,”. She was acting really weird.
“Hey, would you guys like a beer?” she asked. :0

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