Jonas Part 58: Converse

Amanda, Blair and I were all huddled in a corner away from Miles. After he was done ‘torturing’ Steph, he ran over to us. Mandy and I screamed and headed for Nick N, while Blair stood up to attack Miles back.
“Oh snap!” Nick N said in surprise as Amanda and I grabbed him, desperately trying to hide behind his almost nonexistent waist.
Miles finished with Blair and headed for Carly, who shrieked and pushed Christian into him. Miles tried to scare Jordella, but she wasn’t paying attention to him. Miles headed towards me, Amanda, and Nick N. I screamed and pushed Nick into him. Amanda grabbed my wrist and we ran into the kitchen, ducking behind the counter. We were hiding there for about two minutes, catching our breath and trying not to laugh, when a pair of high-top converse suddenly appeared at Amanda’s side.
She tried to scream, but a hand was over her mouth.

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