This is Just To Say.. I'm Not BuckCherry

This is just to say that sorry isn’t enough.

Mom, I’m sorry I stopped trying to be good enoug for you; sorry I realized you’re a cold hearted bitch who just needs to realize perfection is not real.

Dad, I’m sorry I took your teasings too literally; sorry I slammed my fist into your wall.

Brother and Sister, I’m sorry I gave you my advice; honestly honestly I’m sorry, I seriously really dont want you to end up like me.

James, I’m sorry I made quite a mess; sorry I locked you in the bathroom and kissed you when close was too close—terribly, horribly sorry that you liked it.

Madison, I’m sorry I made out with your brother; sorry I make you feel like a horrible person as your best friend simply by telling the truth.

Kelly, I’m sorry I never gave your favorite tiedye shirt back; sorry I stained it even more.

Ryan, I’m sorry I kicked you in ze balls; really sorry you can’t have bastard kids just like you.. baha.

Me, I’m sorry not sorry.

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