thoughts written down: written in 3 minutes

he left me here without a clue,
he left me here not knowing what to do,
moving on is a good step to take but whenever its attempted all my heart does is break
breaks even more than before or what i remember
going back all the way to last december
when all this feeling jumped into my head
all the things i remember i had said
all the pieces i gave him of my heart
left here just to make a new start
hopefully the future brings happiness for me
but maybe this is as happy as ill be
i want someone to hold me tight
and save me from those sleepless nights
to talk to me like a best friend
and be with me here til the end
i want someone funny and smart
someone who will help me mend my broken heart
i need someone understanding and caring
someone bold and daring
is it possible to find this perfect guy
or will it take forever or til i die
ive decided i dont need perfection in this life i lead,
just some qualities that i need,
truthful trusting funny nice sweet& with me,
this is all he needs to be.

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