The Condition

Becca stared down at him in what his sobering mind gradually realized must be disgust. A distant part of his brain wondered what she was doing on his dorm floor, let alone his living room. Only male students were allowed on this floor.

“I came back to ask you if you had my cell phone. I think I left it behind at the party.”

“Huh? Your cell phone? No, I don’t think so…” Jameson patted down his jean pockets, finding his cell phone in its usual left back pocket, but oh wait – there was something else in the other back pocket. He stared down in bemusement at the pink flip-top Razr in his hand.

“You mean this thing? How did I end up with this?”

Becca rolled her eyes. “Oh please, you and the sleaze-ball downed enough Tequila to fill the Grand Canyon and then some. You were so gone, it’s no wonder you took it. Now give me back my phone.” She held out her hand expectantly.

Completely sober now, Jameson looked Becca right in the eye and said, “Sure, you’ll get your phone back – after you go on a date with me.”

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