A Score To Settle

Appearances were everything at this stage of the game. Becca looked across the Biology lab at Jameson, a smile starting to form. She caught herself just in the nick of time. He was doing his best tough guy act, pretending to send love-crossed angst her way. It was almost cute.

“I don’t know what to do, Sassy,” she said. “He has my Razr and he won’t give it back.”

Sassy used the tiny scalpel to slice into their frog. The look of pure ecstasy on her face quickly faded. “You mean to tell me that little punk has your cute new phone and he won’t give it back?”

“He says he doesn’t have it,” Becca told a little, white lie. She had to appear to hate him with hell’s fury, or Sassy would catch on. “But I don’t believe him. Not one bit.”

“Why don’t you march over to his lab station and demand that he give it back?”

“I couldn’t do that,” Becca said. “You don’t want me talking to him, remember? You made me promise.

“Fine, I’ll do it.”

Becca cringed as Sassy stormed across the room with a score to settle.

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