lovesick 8

Emmett just grumbles. Frankly, I can’t see why he can’t be happy for me. Mark just talked to me. Oh yes, it’s love. I think I might build a shrine on that holy piece of land, the land of the intersectino between the social studies hallway and the English hallway.
“AAAAngelaaaaa, you’re zoning out again,” Emmett interupts my thoughts. I smile at him “sorry, I apologize, I do that a lot don’t I?”
He just frowns.
“I wish I knew what you’re thinking…”
Now its my turn to frown.
“We’ve been best friends since kindergarden and you still wont tell me who you like,” I pout and act offended, but Emmett wont give in, I know that.
He just smiles and reaches over and messes up my hair, the hair I work so hard to perfect in the morning so that Mark will see me at my prime. I dont care anymore though, cause were walking home now and Mark lives in the opposite direction.
(no I am not a stalker, I have a friend that lives in his neighborhood)

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