With No One's Help

Emily tusseled and even tried to bite Mr. Shay as he pulled her to Mrs. Byars office. “The Social Worker! I’m not demented, you jerk!” she screamed. Mr. Shay pushed her in the door, on which Emily pounded on. Everything she once held dear was turning her. She used to love school, but now it wasn’t school, but prison. “EMILY VIKTOR !” Mrs. Byars shoved her into the chair. “Please stop!” Emily hated life. She hated it. “No! I’m not demented!” She held back her tears. Her voice cracked and choked. “No says you are! Emily, you are a smart and beautiful child. Please don’t cry.”
“I’m not crying!” Emily pounded on her legs. “No!”
Emily told Mrs. Byars everything, but went through some yelling and refusing first.
“Emily, please…” Emily shook her head. “We can work this out, Emily.” “I can work this out!” And Emily stormed out the room. “With nobody’s help, no one’s!”

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