Gossip:Just Friends

As I walked away, Braedon (my real crush), stepped out of a classroom and tapped my shoulder.

“Hiya, Nicole! What’s up?” OMG ! He knows that I like him! Guys always find out this stuff! Why did I tell Calvin? OMG ! He is gunna reject me right here right now!

“Ummm, hey Braedon.Nothing much, you?” I said nervously.

“Nothing, but I was wondering, you know what you said about Tim being a ‘hot jerk’? That was a joke right?” He said.

“Uh, oh yeah! That was a joke. Just a joke, nothing more nothing less! I mean, I don’t like him if that’s what you meant. I wouldn’t like him. I mean I like him as a friend. But I also like-like someone else so, that wouldn’t work out!” I was rambling, I could tell! Why can’t I stop talking! Shut up Nicole! “So that is pretty much why it wouldn’t work out, not that I wanted it to, I mean we are friends and all!”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah! So you are just friends, right?” He said.

“Yep, that’s us!” His face relaxed and his shoulders slumped. He said bye then walked away.

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