Jonas Part 59: Love?

“SHH! God, chill out,” Nick J said, sitting down next to Amanda and taking his hand off her mouth. She looked at him, then at me.
“Uh.. whats up?” She asked. He studied her face for a few moments, looking for fear. Fear of Charlie. He didn’t see it.
“Mandy, I’m not comfortable with you going to school with that.. that.. MONSTER ,” he exclaimed.
“What?” Mandy asked, seeming confused, “Who?”
Nick J scrunched his eyebrows.
“Charles,” he said, refusing to use his nickname.
“Ohhhhhh,” Amanda understood. “He isn’t a monster!”
Nick J didn’t know what to say. After about a minute, he turned, so that he was directly facing Amanda.
“Amanda, do you love me?” he asked, seemingly on the verge of tears.

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