Jonas Part 61: End of the Road

We got to the end of my street before she broke down crying. “Dude, I can’t take this,” she moaned, “I can NOT be falling for him!”
“It’ll all work out,” I tried to comfort. When I caught my breath, I looked up the street. Nobody seems to have followed. I looked back over to Mandy, and there were to figures at her side. I screamed.
“SHHHH!” begged Samantha, “Please, please. No more screaming. Charlie had his arm around Amanda’s shoulders.
“It’ll all be okay,” he cooed, “Don’t cry.”
She looked up and met her tear-reddened eyes to his sparkling green ones, and cried harder.
Samantha was doing her best to calm her down, from all calm things calm she knew. She hummed a lullaby and rubbed Amanda’s shoulders until the tears ran out.
“I ruined everything,” she whispered.
“No, you didn’t.” Charlie responded. “This is where the good stuff starts.”
Amanda was confused.
Sami sighed. “I think you should tell her.”

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