the dream: part 12 LONELY

the whole next week went by, and i felt more lonely than ever! i saw the couples in my class, and wished i had someone but i didnt, and tht was the saddest part. i sat on the grass all alone, and pondering. WHen, alyse, blair, cammy, jordella,(with danny following), steph, and the rest of the girls came to sit by me. “mandy, whats going on with you?” alyse asked sympathetically. “yea, dude, you havent been yourself at all lately.” blair added. “eh, i dont know guys.” i said, with a great amount of sadness in my voice. ” i just feel…... lonely.” “MANDY! you have us!!” they were all saying at different times. ” i know, buy you all mostly have other people, alyse has tommy, blair has landon ( an amazingly awesome guy that goes to a different school,and is absolutely in love with her), Cammy has timmy, Jordella has danny, steph has miles, danggg,.. i have no one!” i began to get wateryy eyes but hid them from my friends. THIS STARTED TO BOTHER KILL ME

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