Jonas Part 62: Fairytales

“Sam…” he pleaded.
“NOW,” she interrupted.
Charlie glared at her. Then, defeatedly, he sighed.
“Amanda. This is a weird story. Are you willing to listen?” he inquired.
She rubbed her red, wet eyes, and nodded yes.
“Well.. I assume you have read fairytales?” he began.
Again, she nodded.
“Okay. So, take a classic princess story. Replace the prince with a desperately-trying-to-be-good bloodthirsty monster. And the dragon, ogre, or whatever, that is keeping him from his princess, with a poofy-haired, overprotective, sweet-talking teen star. Then, you will have our story.”
For a few minutes, Amanda blankly stared at him. Then she looked over at me. ‘Edward-ish,’ she mouthed. I nodded in agreement.
Of course, we were referring to Edward Cullen from the Twilight series.
And Edward is a vampire. OMG .

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