Bagman: Back to Work

I left Red at the hospital to take the VTOL back to the hangar. The NOW News building towered above the surrounding structures, a steel and glass structure stretching forty stories into the air in what had once been a residential district, years ago. Only the top ten stories housed the actual news company, the rest were rented out to various agencies, businesses and people for astronomical fees.

The hangar took up the 39th floor and was accessed by a massive elevator on the top of the building. I set the craft down on this, and it lurched as it began to carry me down into the building. Unstrapping, I stood and cycled the hatch open as soon as the overhead hangar doors were closed, blinking into the glare of the hangar’s interior. Three other VTOL ’s and a smaller helicopter occupied the space.

“Recovered the drone from the N.O.C.A.,” a technician said as he approached. “Banged up bad, but the memory was intact. I transferred it to your desk.”

“Thanks,” I said. It was time to see what the drone had recorded.

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