A Lasting Impression

And focus on him she did. Becca chuckled when Jameson jumped from his chair and sprinted out of the Biology lab when the hour was up.

Sassy must have made a lasting impression on him.

Sassy giggled jubilantly. “He practically jumped out of his shoes,” she said. “I love it when I have that kind of effect on a man. I just wish I could be there to see his face when you tell him he’s nothing more than a one-night-stand.”

“There’s always that threesome you were talking about,” Becca joked.

“As nice as that’d be,” Sassy said, rather dreamily, “I almost feel like that would be rewarding him.”

The statement hung in the air a few beats too long. Becca felt a little uneasy as she grabbed her backpack and purse. Who was this girl standing next to her?

Becca decided to change the subject. “What should we do with the other sleaze-bag?”

“Leave Paul to me. I know exactly how to hit him where it hurts.”

Becca was a little worried that her friend might actually hit Paul. With a car, a scalpel or even a shiv.

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