Self Repairing Heart

If I were asked what it was I felt a month ago I would have said complete and utter heart ache. I would have described how I long for his touch, just to hear his laughter and see his smile once more, just for me. One point in time all that mattered was that I be his audience. I was always enough but then something happened. We didn’t drift apart, it was something more, I wasn’t done with him. Our romance novel had yet to begin, I felt it in my bones, he was the one for me. Yeah, yeah, “You’re too young, What do you know about love?” Love, like Death, has no age. Ever since I let him see a glimpse of how I still felt he’s been all over me, I can only help but wonder what it is that he feels in return. I see him looking at me through the corner of his eye, in class I hear him shout my name with hopes of catching my attention, not knowing that I’m always watching. He was the courageous one in the relationship, this time it’s my turn.

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