Gronlandic Edit [Your Theme song, Your Story Challenge]

“I am satisfied, hiding in our friend’s apartment,” Adrien said on the phone to someone, I honestly had no idea who it was. He was really into the conversation though. I suppose I was the friend he was talking about though, since he was staying in my apartment.

“Only leaving once a day to buy some groceries,” he continued.

That much was true, that is all he did. I had tried dragging him to church with me a few times, his reply had been pretty classic Adrien.

“I guess it would be nice to give my heart to a god, but which one, which one do I choose?” I had shrugged in response, not knowing what to say that wouldn’t make me sound like some pushy zealot.

“All the churches fill with losers,” he paused for effect and to study the look on my face, “psycho or confused.” Then his face had taken on this really clear look as though he had just realized something exceptionally important.

“I just want to hold the divine in mind, and forget all of the beauty’s wasted,” is what he said.

It made no sense to me though.

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