Guilty Until Proven Innocent: The Laws of the Beast

After class, the Beast stalked her prey waiting for the opportune moment to pounce. Patience was not a virtue in her book, but desperate situations call for desperate measures. Sassy smiled an evil smile when Jameson hugged his nerdy lab partner and caressed her back lightly as they sat on the edge of the fountain, the Indian girl in tears.

Caught red handed, you filthy dog! Sassy thought as she spied on her unwary foes.

Sassy took a few pictures of the secret tryst and then waited impatiently. If only she could hear what they were saying. She inched closer, hoping to remain undetected.

“We just have to convince your father that it’s not right to make you marry that, um, kutha, right?”

“You make it sound simple, Jameson. We’re talking about hundreds of years of tradition.”

“I can be quite the convincing guy, you know.”

Sassy couldn’t believe her ears. It was almost too good to be true. He was in love with another girl! Wait till Becca hears about this! she thought excitedly before walking home.

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