Tossing and Turning

Becca had tossed and turned all Wednesday night, nervous about having to see Jameson in lab the next day, sure he would want to confirm their date for Friday. Consequently, she overslept and missed class. Sassy didn’t even have the courtesy to wake her up.

What a great lab partner, what a nice friend, Becca fumed as she warmed up some left-over pizza. It was almost noon, around the time that class let out. She sat waiting for Sassy at their small kitchen table, eager to give her a piece of her mind.

But then she realized that she couldn’t just ream Sassy out for not waking her up – she couldn’t risk angering her erstwhile temperamental friend. Not just because Becca valued her own life (she’d seen Sassy wield the scalpel and it wasn’t pretty) but because she now had the chance to get to know Jameson better, and they’d already started on rocky terms. No need to make things worse.

Just then Becca heard the front door slam and Sassy’s sing-song voice call out, “Wait till you see these pictures!”

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