This is real; this is true.

I glared at Rainn, angry that he wasn’t telling us everything.
“Olivia, I’m sorry,” he said. “I know you’re mad at me, but I just can’t tell you. It’s a very private matter, between Abbi and I, okay? Please accept that. I know you guys keep secrets from me!
“Thafftru,” Viridiana said from the corner, her mouth full of chocolatey goodness. Rainn looked at her, disgusted. She swallowed. “Sorry,” she muttered.
I looked down at Aibfinnia’s pale, seemingly lifeless face. She looked so peaceful, lying there, unconscious. She was probably off in some dream world, leaving her battered, bruised, body behind. I could tell from her rattled breathing that she had broken a couple of ribs. (I did, after all, attend med school for a month.)
Rainn slumped into a folding chair next to her bed. He stroked a stray hair off of her defined cheekbone while a tear fell down his.
“I’m so, so sorry,” he whispered lovingly.

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