Thank You

Whenever I felt lonely,
I was comforted
By warm words
Of conversations past.

Whenever I sank inside my shell,
I was coaxed out
By those smiles
Of ages before.

When rain fell from Seamist Grey,
I remembered the sunny sounds
Of the laughs you laughed
Before the storms came.

When consciousness flew
To the World of Dreams,
Your eyes shone
Like twin brown moons.

And I swayed beneath them
To the lilting song
We sang
So long before.

The harmonies wove
So beautifully
A blanket that I thought always
Would keep me warm.

Since your embrace
Was never really
Of doing so.

Thank you, though
For letting me
Need and love you
Like I did.

Thank you for
The child that
I was.

But now I know
That I am all
I ever truly

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