Mark and Clara

“I want to make love tonight,” Clara said.

The click-clack of banging keyboard keys was replaced with the steady whir of the ceiling fan. Mark craned his head around to look at her.

“But I can’t… we can’t…”

She shushed him, unbuttoned her blouse, and tossed it to the floor. He let out a sigh and stared at her as she made her way to the bedroom, unstrapping her bra.

“We just can’t…”

She unbuttoned her work slacks and tossed them on a stand in the corner.

“You heard me, now come here,” she said.

Mark rose from his chair and walked to the bathroom, filled his cup with tap water, and washed down several pills. He carried his glass with him as he walked over to the bedroom. Clara was nude except for her panties.


She shushed him again.

“I don’t think we even have any condoms,” he said.

“I don’t care anymore. We’re in this together.”

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