Out-of-Order Challenge - 90 Seconds

I pulled to a stop in front of the Office building, one hundred yards from the bank.

Niles was in the passenger seat, checking his gun. He grabbed the trash bags from the bench seat and turned to face June, sitting quietly in the back.

“Ready, babe?” Niles said.

June looked scared behind her sunglasses. Nervous. “It isn’t too late, Niles.”

“Come on, babe.” Niles replied. “We’ve been through it. It’s a good plan Jim’s got. We’ll be fine. It’s 90 seconds…that’s all.”

I sat quietly as they walked away from the car, holding hands like they were going to a movie. June was holding onto her wig like the breeze was going to blow it off.

They stopped at the entrance and kissed. A pause. Then they were inside.

I tapped the buttons on the door, rolling the windows down and dropped the car into gear.

My stopwatch beeped. That’s one minute. I crept the car into the no-parking zone in front of the bank, just in time to hear a pop from inside.

A gunshot.

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