David walked through the front door, it took a momentary struggle to slip through the crowd to his locker. When he got there he shoved his light blue bag inside, pulling out the binder for his first period class as he did so.

As he was closing his locker a boy, shorter than David, collided with the wall and laughed as the older group that had pushed him walked away. The kid straightened his over sized sweater, which had a large white unicorn splashed across the front of it, and then opened the locker directly beside Davids.

“I think we are locker neighbors!â€? The boy said, as David was getting ready to walk away and find his first class room. David raised an eyebrow and looked down at the ridiculous kid, not knowing what to think of the spastic looking teen.

“Yeah, hopefully we’re the kind of neighbors that never invite each other over for barbecues,â€? David replied without a smile. The boy kept grinning and extended his hand, which David ignored.

“My name’s Alex! What’s yours? Want to be friends?”

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