NEJA: The King

After they got the directions, Ethan took off. Nichole shot after him on a sheet of ice. It was the only way she could catch up. He had gone in the wrong direction. She grabbed the collar of his shirt.

“Eager, are we?” she asked.

“Just a lot…” he replied. She turned around to see Josh and Alex catching up, both out of breath.

“What… were… you… THINKING ?!?” Josh yelled between panting. Alex sat against a tree to rest.

“Are you honestly stupid enough to go the wrong way?” Nichole fussed. “You’re the new king.”

“Of what?”

“Of stupidity. Josh was—”

“HEY!” Josh yelled.

“If I may continue,” she said calmly, “You are now the king of stupidity, Ethan. Now let’s go.” She slid away, leaving a cold trail behind her.

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