8 hours 29 minutes and 15 seconds after midnight.

fricken alarm clock sounds like an air raid siren
Steve spun towards the voice in his bedroom with his hand under his elvis pajama top like a gun.
easy Charlie Bronson, people want to, but they rarely kill insurance adjusters
“Why didn’t the dogs bark?”
I am a dog whisperer, and a fraudulent claims investigator, get up we got a crazy one six blocks from here
9 minutes and 32 seconds later Steve is completely dressed,groomed and heading towards the door.
Do you have a phone booth in there, Clark Kent?
“I had to be quick before you finished off the”
As his eyes spied the empty crunch berries,the drained jug of milk, and Lenny’s boots that were propted up on the handmade teak coffee table he heard The milk was about to go bad i had to do something
17 minutes and 26 seconds later
“million $ policy and she accidently drove of this garage in her yugo yea”
she probly had lawrence welk too loud
“hey grab my phone”
“who was it?”
I didn’t hear, they said mid-wife, maybe?

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