Thank you Kevin! (Farewell chain)

Dear, dear Kevin,

I’m just one of the multitude here who are so very grateful this place exists. I don’t think I can ever express how much I love Ficlets. I would need many sequels :)

When I first visited (there are many reasons I adore Wil Wheaton, but introducing me to Ficlets cements it) I was bowled over by the astounding talent on display by everyday, regular folk like me who harbored a desire to WRITE . I read a lot of ficlets those first few days, before trying my hand at it – and I discovered that this deceptively simple format was exactly the kick in the ass I needed to reawaken my own desire to write, something I thought I’d lost.

So thank you for giving me a place to play, a place to try new ideas, and for providing a huge resource of brilliant little stories to read. I hope you look on Ficlets with great pride at knowing how many lives it’s touched.

Bravo sir, you will be sorely missed as the captain of this ship, but I’m glad you’ll sail with us occasionally. Good luck to you!


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