They say the eye is the window to the soul. Well if that were true, everyone would know everything about my life. All the pain, the hurt, the irony. My life story the includes me as the star. The star of one of the world’s most desperate tragedies. Beaten as a child by my father and mother, kidnapped by my uncle who then forced me to work in a sweat shop, having the guy i have crushed on for months fall for my sister, having my grandfather die of an OD and now living on the streets.

When people say they can read people like a book, i think of my story as a drama. One of Shakespeare’s famous tragedies. All of it written down to show people that there is terrible things going on in the world that no one seems to notice. Or at least pretend not to notice. If only someone paid a little more attention to the world. They would see all the help they could do. To save people. People like me. People like those all over the world waiting to get noticed. Waiting for their voice to be heard.

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