Doomsayer - Day One

My wife likes to call me “what-if guyâ€?. Hah. If she only knew half the story, she’d see how fitting that really is. I’ll write more on what I mean as I find the time to do so. Most of what I have to say here you might not want to know anyway. I guess I don’t care.

It happened again today, just as it always seems to happen. This time it was a truck bearing down on my dog and I as we crossed the street. We both didn’t make it. Most of the time I’m not involved, so this was a little unique.

I think a little earlier in the day it was something more significant, but I seem to have chosen to forget that for now. Most likely it was another end-of-the-world event.

Days without end-of-the-world events seem so few and far between lately.

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