Moments of Happiness

“Daddy! Look at me! Look!”

He laughed as his daughter took her first wobbly steps on the ice.

“That’s wonderful!” he said, “Now watch my feet.”

He started to skate slowly across, one foot, then the other, and motioned for his daughter to follow.

She slowly pushed one foot ahead, still unsteady, but with a look of such intense concentration on her face that it looked like she was about to burst.

“Like this, daddy?” she asked, cautiously lifting her other foot.

“Yes!” he laughed, as his daughter slowly moved forward, and then started to pick up speed.

“I’m doing it, daddy! I’m doing it! Look!” she screamed.

Her father chuckled, and started to skate alongside his daughter.

“Your doing great! That’s my girl!”

And together, side by side, father and daughter skated away.

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