Another fly in the trap

He laughed out loud at his brain’s monologue, “Even though my last victim was as rich as a chocolate covered cherry Mc flurry and fancied himself the Bruce Wayne type,it did little to block the billionaire from becoming a bound bloated butchered body buried in a barrel that bore his own businesses brand name.”
“You know smoking could kill you.Mr Von Durhiem I presume?”
He was supposed to speculate how she ascertained his sir name when he surmised he should have seen, in the cigarette less hand, he supported a sign that said VON DURHEIM LIMO SERVICE .
“So can strangers, but you trust me because i drive a limo?
Just needlin you, car’s this way.”
“Von Durhiem, you have to say the whole thing like “long island ice tea” you can’t just ask for a tea, cause you never know what you’ll get.”
“Well Mr. Von Durheim, i was serious about the cigarettes.”
“sweetheart, i was serious about strangers, cause i would take the devil i know, over the devil i don’t, hey but what are the odds?”

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