The invisible sixth grader, the devil, the debbies and montgomery burns(not the copyrighted one)

“So poppet (cause the devil talks with a pirate accent just in case you didn’t know) ye just put yeer mark on this binding contractual parchment”
an they will not be able to see me?
“Ye kin bet your eternal sole on et”
wait is that a yes?
“Arr it is, and if ye want to be going around stillin’ things in the night ye will still retain the powers of existen in the physical world, and if ye have the heart fer it ye can replace the blond vermin what be pickin on ya, them debbies(not to be confused with the debbies from the oblongs because they are copyrighted) iz hair dye with this here industrial strength nair brewed in the darkest pits of hell, guaranteed to make Angelina Jolie into Dwight yoakam”
oh Beelzebub where have you been all my life?
“Yeel be seein fer yurself soon enuff jus geev thim strumpets and wenches hell”
As Malebolgia descended into the depths, the tiny invisible girl rubbed her hand together with a wicked Montgomery Burns(not the copyrighted one)style maniacal laughter.

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