The Fishlander

But i can’t help but wonder if somehow he is like the x-files of
goldfish. Since i am telling you i might as well start at the beginning. My grandmother used to have this cat named Mcloud that outlived granny my mom and then finally i inherited this feline octarian. well one day after bringing this meowing mathusila to the vet she grabbed a goldfish out of the tank in the lobby. Everything was fine until we got home and she died coughing up the still flapping chicken of the sea.
Since then the goldfish has survived a drunken debaucherous night where someone drank him in a goldfish shot,before puking him up hours later, and an dislexic ex boyfriend who feed him arsonic instead of fish food(why i had arsonic under the sink is none of your bussiness).
There are many other near death fishperiences i don’t want to go into because i will sound like a bad fish owner, but i swear when he breathes he is mouthing, THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE .

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