Please Say Yes (The Letter)

Dear Brian,
I’ve only known you this year.. but I’ve liked you the whole time. This whole year, I’ve been trying to impress you. But then you lied.
You told your friends the total opposite of what happened every time we hung out. I started to wonder if I could trust you, but I’m sure you had your reasons.
I think you should know that you made me cry.. three times. One day, my friends told me you were mad at me and you said all this stuff about me.. I cried. The other two were because I knew I could never have you.
I also think you should know about the good times. You brighten my day. Everyday, you make me laugh. Thank you for that.
But now it’s time to get to the main part: My friends think you like me, but I’m not convinced. I really want to know if you’ll go out with me.. and if not.. at least tell me why.

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