Time Is Not Promised To No One

She stood there in the Airport waiting for him to pick her up. It had been 12 years since she moved from the old neighborhood. He had contacted her and wanted to see her again. He could not really move on until he knew that his first love was not the one.

She pulled out her cell phone to check for messages to see if he was going to be late. No messages accept from her mom wanting to know if she arrived ok.

She was starting to get worried so she called his mom. His mom said that he left hours ago. Mom was getting worried also.

An hour had passed since she landed and he still had not arrived. She walked to the counter to have him paged just in case he had the flight information wrong.

She waited and still he did not come.

She called his mom back and decided to catch a cab to their house, but there was no answer there also.

She really felt un-easy and worried. She started out the airport doors and then her phone rang it was his mom. She told her that Mat was in a serious car accident and that

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