Unwanted Stares In Stores: Monkey In Pink

As I said, monkey’s make horrible spouses. My brother Mike is married to one, named Malia, she wears pink everywhere she goes.
In the stores she makes a scene trying on all the pink clothes right in the middle of the aisle. Mike gets so embarrassed.
One time I said to him, I said, “Mike, tell me again why you married this.. this chimp.â€?
“For the last time Lily, Malia is a monkey, not a chimp, and she has feelings you know. Why you always gotta insult her like that?,â€? he whined.
“Well Mike, you know people talk about you like you’re insane. I worry about you. You’re my big brother,â€? I said, consolingly.
Melia jumped up and down. Seems she was thrilled she found something in her size, in pink, in the children’s department. Perfect, now we can get out of this store and I’ll never go shopping with them again.
Monkeys’ may make great pets, but as I said, they make horrible spouses. So I recommend if you ever fall in love with a monkey, well monkey love can get you a lot of unwanted stares in stores.

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