the dream:part 15 alyse

As the hot days approached, and amount of swimming parties increased, we knew. IT WAS SUMMER . summer school was a demand, and summer parties definitely.

it was the second week of summer, and i wasnt able to do much hanging out with my friends, missing them already (well some of them), i decided to call alyse to set up a party of some kind.
i called her straight away
“hello?’ she said answering the phone.
“whats up?” it had felt like forever since ive talked to her.
“not muchh, hows your summer?”
only one word came to mind,”BORING!’ i started to laugh,a nd she did too. i suddenly said,” hey, i had this idea, we should have apartyy.”
“yeahh, when though, uhm..friday?” she said, “my house?”
“that sounds greatt.” i replied with excitement.
Friday came sooner than expected,it was time to see all my friends.

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