The Long Road

She had been driving on that dusty road for a lifetime now. When was the last time she had seen another human being? She couldn’t even remember. The car’s gas tank was more than half empty now. She was trying not to think about it. A gas station would come by soon, it just had to.

What was she thinking? She didn’t even need to drive out and meet this man. She had a loving husband and wonderful kids. Her brain was split into two halves and they were in conflict with each other. Her husband would be shattered if he found out. Oh well, he’s a big boy, he could deal with it.

The Man had a magnetism she could not resist. His voice was gentle and firm at the same time. She felt compelled to do what he asked of her. Even if it meant driving the whole day on this unending dusty road.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, the ocean came into sight. The water was so blue and inviting. She just had to stop and take a walk on the shore, maybe a swim too. She realized she had no swimsuit. Oh well, she’d just have to swim naked.

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