the dream:part 16 the party

I got to alyse’s amazing house, with amazing food i might add. and saw my favorite people from our 8th grade class, Miles, noodlehead, eric, alyse, blair, jordella, danny, mykoalaz, jeff, blair,Mary fairy, cammy, steph, caroline, an chuckles along with some people i didnt care for so much.i immediately got there to find myself hugging each of them. i forgot how much i had missed them. there was music playing,a bunch of food put out, and a movie plying in her living room. We were all in conversation, when Carter walks into the room. I turned quiet, and just followed his foot steps. he turned to me, and smiled and started to talk to some of the guys. i immediately ran to her bathroom, shut the door, and looked in the mirror to make sure i looked okay, typical girl. i walked out to see carter by the door. “running away from me?” he asked. “uhm.. no, i had to uh go to the bathroom.” as i looked at the ground,trying not to fall into the black hole of his eyes.He said, ” okay, uhm. do you want to go for a walk?”

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