Deep Space Disaster- To the Brig

Up on the Brig…
“Ow ow ow; that’s one of only 2 ears I get!”
“An ear is hardly worth payment for what you did.”
“I told you, I thought we had more!”
“That’s one of the few things you’ve ever thought about. How are we supposed to eat Oreos without milk, hm?!”
“Suck it up and not use milk?”
“Wrong an… Oh; sorry Jimmy, didn’t think anyone was up here.”
“Ollie, what’r yeh doin’ wit Lars in a ‘eadlock?”
“He’s the reason we don’t have milk, and we’re in the Oreo Nebula”
“We ain’ go’ milk?!”
“Tragedy, isn’t it?”
“Yeh kiddin? This’ll be me happiest voyage ever! Yeh just made me day Ollie! Wa-hoo!!”
“Don’t you have something to go clean, Jimmy?”
“Oh yeah!”
“Well, at least someone’s happy…”
“Lars, you’re on potato duty again.”
“No! This is the third time this week!”
“Would you prefer to lose your ear?”
“OW! No, no, I’m perfectly content with potatoes. They’re the only ones that understand me.”
“It all makes sense now, Lars; it all makes sense now.”

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