After about twenty minutes of crying, I turned to Nancy, my best friend and sobbed “How? How could he do this to me?” Nancy handed me a few kleenexes. “How? What was so wrong with me? Why did he cheat on me?” Nancy flinched.

“I don’t know, honey. Maybe it wasn’t right for you. Aw, don’t cry, Jane. I’m sure the right guy will come along.” She said soothingly.

“I bet the girl was a real slut!” Nancy flinched again.

“Yeah, probably,” she stuttered.

“You know what this calls for right?” When she stared blankly, I told her. “Revenge!”

“Oh, no! I don’t know if that is such a good idea…”

“Why?” I asked, just then, Drake came flouncing in.

“Oh honey, I heard what happened between you and Mr. Gorgeous! I am so sorry.”

She did it again, she flinched! Why was she flinching?

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