Aletta and I were walking Kitkat down the road one night. He got stir crazy cooped up in the flat all day, and the only way that we could get sleep at night (without little cat claws worrying at our toes) was to take him for a walk before bedtime.

“Look honey!” she said “KitKat is trying to go into the park.” Having learnt that his wishes were best satisfied, we turned off the road and ambled along the jogging path into the park.

As we turned a corner, we came across a group of people wandering around dazedly. The were moving aimlessly, yet their brownian motion seemed concentrated around a little box standing on the grass. This was Kitkat’s target. He pulled out of his harness, streaked to the box and batted it with his paw.

An intense light strobed into my eyeballs and surged through my brain. All of my concerns, worries and fears just disappeared.

The next morning I came to, ambling around the park. I was on my own, except for the odd staring jogger.

I realised I was naked, except for my left sock.

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