The Diary of Hanna M.E. Banks 6

I asked Miranda about Chris, and she said that she would ‘get back to me later’.
And about that teacher… I asked her and then Julia started tto get all choked up, she nearly started to cry! Miranda seemed really, really, mad at me. She told me to ask Chris and that I had permission to ask.

So I found Chris and asked my question. The news he told me was disturbing.
Uhoh! footsteps! Goodnight!
Okay, nevermind, false alarm, it was my cat!

So he told me that he had ‘taken advantage of Julia’. He said to me to stay away from him because he was a ‘perve’. I feel so scared, I mean from what I heard, Julia wasn’t allowed to report anything to anyone. Miranda and Chris had to practically torture her to get it out. She wasn’t allowed to say anything or else the teacher would find her and kill her and her family. I am still too shaken up to write anything else.

Hanna M.E. Banks

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