Fallen Angel (Pt. 12)

“Now it’s your turn, Sloan, dear!” cackled Dr. Ochentaker.

He was in the control room opposite that of the one Loretta was in. This control room operated the machinery in the room of the girl Angel.

He watched her body start to convulse as the electricity cascaded through her small body. He saw her uselessly trying to pull away, as the extreme levels of electricity held her hands to the glass.

He chuckled to himself lightly. He never got tried of watching his little subjects in their torture.

Now, he thought to himself, Now is the time. Now we learn why they are so resistant! Now we perfect the formula of strength!

He started laughing louder at the thought of how close he was to fulfilling his destiny, his life-long goal.

Ever since he was a child, and had heard the “stories” of angels flying in the sky. Glorious, powerful, resilient, and strong!

And now, he was on the verge of his greatest accomplishment.

He could become as powerful as an Angel himself!

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