Katy was not far behind in hugs. Her slim tanned arms fit all the way around my waist before she released me to fix the knot in my hair.
“Hey guysâ€? I finally spit out. Katy finished with my hair and stood looking over the huge shoulder of Jake. She plucked at his shaggy brown hair before fixing her own straightened blond locks into a smart, cute pony-tail.
“Hey!â€? Jake alleged.
“Um, I think we’ve covered the hello part.â€? said matter of fact Katy.
“Wow figured that out all on your own did you Katy-Latey.â€? an ice cold voice slithered towards us.
I turned my head to see prom queen herself in all her glory. Kitty Carmen was glaring at Katy with obvious disgust. Her best friend Nancy was right next her in all her get-up. Her pink hair hung down her back and her eyes sparkled under gold contacts. “I got to go meet up with Patrick soonâ€? she oozed “Tutoring!â€?

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