“Well Katy-Latey?â€? she spoke again. It was bad enough to be twin sisters with Kitty, but the “creative nicknames” were just rude. With her blond hair and fair skin, Katy and Kitty were both stunning with matching slim well rounded bodies. However Katy was smart and funny and Kitty was mean and was always trying to find a way to get with the “latest guy.â€? Katy’s one fault was that she was almost never on time for anything. Thus, the original nickname.
Go stick your head in a litter box “Kitty Catâ€? fumed Katy. A stare at me and Jake she started to walk away. Nancy followed down the hall, but her words flew over her shoulder and hit me full blast. “One guy not enough for you Janey?â€?
I was confused and then color flushed to my cheeks when I realised that Jake had not let go of my waist from catching me from my fall.
“Uh Jake?â€? I tried.
“Oh um… yes?â€? he stammered quickly removing his hands from around me.
I can still swear to this day that I made Jake Hotchens, Captain of the Football team, blush.

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