The Tale Of A Pumpkin Carver

“When I was little I always wanted to be a brain surgeon.

Which would explain my wild fascination with pumpkins. I loved carving them and my favorite part would be to tear open the head and lobotomize the thing. But as time wore on that failed to be my favorite part of pumpkin carving. I loved how you could turn pumpkins into people, and as I learned you could turn them into animals and building too.

I soon lost interest in my surgeon dream and then, at twelve years of age, I entered my first pumpkin carving contest. I, of course, made the classic witch. It didn’t win. However I was fascinated with what some where able to create. So I perfected my art.

After eight grueling years I entered the pumpkin carving contest again and won with my huge statue of liberty pumpkin. It was then I won both my pride and $40,000.

It was the best moment of my life.”

“But dad,” asked my son, Jimmy. “What about when I was born?”

“Not even close son, not even close.”

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