Stone that moves

James, his parents and older sister, Susan had booked a small, fourth floor apartment for two weeks in a building across the cobbled street from a small church in Europe for the Christmas holiday. They took a cab from the airport to the building, where they got their key and sent them upstairs. The apartment was small, but the three bedrooms suited the family perfectly. Each was sparsely furnished, and Susan quickly began taping pictures of her friends on the walls in her room. James, tired from the long ride on the plane, took his suitcase to his tiny bedroom and sat down on the bed. He looked around. The wallpaper was dingy, but the bed was clean, and there were some drapes on the window above the radiator. James stepped to the window and looked out. He could easily see the front of the church across the way, and there were several gargoyles decorating the gothic windows and water spouts. He looked down to see people strolling by, and then looked back up. One of the gargoyles had moved.

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