Mad max beyond the quackledome.

RRRnnnn RRRnnnn
“you got maxx’s phone say it quick or die”
this your secret contact from inside the Aflacck head quarters, did you find him?
“no but it looks like you were right. Codename deep-throat he is planning on exterminating the human race to show how unprotected we are from the danger of being hurt in the work place”
max now the only thing left to do is to go to the top secret lab of G. Wilbur. Tutufuzzle and obtain the ducks controller
“how do i find the laboratory? and do i have to keep calling you deep-throat its kind of a creepy codename”
of course you do they never let me pick my own codename that is why i am destroying their evil plot, you are just like them
“Wait calm down that is a great codename”
you really think so , nevermind G. Wilbur Tutufuzzle, the creater of the robo ducks is hiding in, well you know that place they go to in that movie where that guy likes that girl but she doesn’t know it and she gets drunk at that party, that is where you will find it

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