Finally It Stops

“Standing in the spotlight, that’s where Emily Viktor belongs.” said Mrs. Byars. Mr. Shay nodded. “She has a gift. A gift no other student has been able to give me. A gift to act.”
Emily leaned by the door in the “cool” room. It was a room with a bed and a water fountain where kids who are stressed out of the Waa Zoo go to to calm down after they have talked with someone. They were discussing Emily’s love for drama, Emily’s love to act.
Wipping a warm tear from her eye, Emily walked out of the room.
“Emily, we’re having an assembly this afternoon, amd I want you to be there” said Mr. Shay. “Up on stage.” completed Mrs. Byars.

At the assembly, which turned out to be an awards assembly, Mrs. Byars began to speak. “This girl is the true face of Blake High School. She tries hard and faced many challenges and sacrifices. Still, she has a quick temper, but with a little practice on how to control it, she will make a difference in America. This girl is Emily Viktor!” Everyone clapped. Emily was happy…

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